Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Collections and Politics

We all know that in America, their focus at the moment, is to fix the opioid epidemic.  I think this is needed, but I don't think they are going about it the right way.  For example, I have a chronic illness, that requires pain medicine.  I have always used the same doctor and the same pharmacy for as long as I've lived in Virginia.  I don't doctor shop looking for drugs, I follow the rules. 

Then the government decided that for people to get their prescriptions for said pain medicine, twice a year, you must pee in a cup to prove you are actually taking the medicine and that there is nothing else in your system that shouldn't be there.  Now I have no problem doing this in theory as I have nothing to hide.  However, it's that I have to do this, when I have done nothing wrong.  I can see if you had doctor shopped or something, but I was mad that I had to do this. 

On top of having to pee in a cup, I then get a bill for it! Granted, it's only $38 USD as my insurance covered most of it, but come on! I shouldn't have had to do this in the first place.

So I refuse to pay it. 

While on vacation, I started getting calls from this same phone number.  Turns out, they are sending me to collections over this $38.  Really????? So to mess with them, I blocked their number and added them to my Robokiller app.  What this app does is play different recordings of your choosing to the computer/person on the other end of the line.  It cracks me up.  Mine is set to an old man who can't hear saying Hello? Over and over again.  They keep asking for me, but get nowhere. 

I laugh each and every time I listen to the recording of it. 

Yet they still call. 

Once a day, every day.

I am very patient.

Now, work stuff.  The coworker I actually liked for once, last day was Friday.  She and I talked about makeup and it was cool to finally have someone to talk to.  She lasted a  year.  Her cancer coworker lasted six months.  The doctors they worked for are very hard to please and get along with.  I know as I used to work with them until they fired me! LOL.

The new interim person thinks she's going to whip these dudes into shape by refusing to do things the way they expect and just saying no.  I want to start a pool betting on how long she lasts.  She's not an employee, but rather from the staffing pool so therefore, can be let go on any given day.  She did not bother to try to learn what the job entailed from my friend who left.  Choosing instead to go off away from the desk and do I have no idea what. 

She doesn't work on Fridays so she didn't have that last day to actually learn what she needs to do. I cannot wait to see what happens this week as she is in it with absolutely no idea what to do.  I am giggling big time inside.  They have been interviewing to fill the position permanently and I do know the doctors will not let this temp get the actual job, but stupid thing is, she wouldn't let the interviewee talk to the one person actually doing the job!

I'm scared that they are going to expect me to do the work as I've done it before and I don't see this chick lasting more than a few days. 

I'll keep you posted.

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?


Monday, March 12, 2018

MAC'd at Nordstrom

Since I can't have my nail polish, I have turned to makeup.  Although, I am still buying nail polish here and there.  Someday, I'll be able to wear it again!

I'd been watching YouTube makeup tutorials and got interested in trying MAC foundation.  I have a few of their blush and eyeshadows, but never their foundations.  I had gone to Nordstrom after hair dye day and had the lady there sort of match to my RCMA foundation that I had brought with me. Reason being, I have been to the beach and still have color from that.  I'm too lazy and cheap to have summer and winter shades of foundation. 

I wanted Studio Fix foundation as it's matte full coverage.  The shade we ended up with was NW18.  I got it home and compared it to my Estee Lauder Double Wear and realized it was too dark and too yellow, even though it's a pink undertone.  So I had to go back to the store a couple days later.

Now we all know Nordstrom is a schwanky store where the ladies who lunch shop right? So here I come with my short bright red wine hair and purple lipstick to match my purple shirt and skirt.  The MAC lady that day refused to match to my RCMA stuff and proceeded to match me to my face and neck.  Let me back up.  The very first lady to approach me was trying to tell me that pink undertones, you needed an NC. 

Uh oh, I got a newbie here!

I looked at another MAC person and asked isn't MAC backwards in their color coding with NW being pink? She said yes and that it was the other one's first day there. Now I get the learning curve, but do you really know so little about MAC that you didn't at least know that much? How did she get the job???? You would think someone who wants to work at MAC would have done at least some research. 

Anywho, I digress.

We are back to refusing to match what I brought.  So it seems that in Studio Fix, it pulls yellow even in the NW range.  They then tried the Prolongwear and I ended up being the same NW18, but this time the undertone was way better. 

While they were sorting this out, I was sitting in the chair people watching, when another MAC chick came up to me asking if my lipstick was the shade Stone.  I told her no it was Dose of Colors Cold Shoulder (same brand as Stone).  She complimented my look, telling me that my entire outfit and makeup was just spot on.  I told her she had to try the DoC liquid lipstick as it's the best out there.

When I was getting ready to leave, I meandered around the makeup, got a sample of DIOR Forever foundation and overheard several people telling their friends how awesome I looked. I sh*t you not. I must have heard at least three people saying this not to me, but about me.  It totally made my day. I sometimes feel like my look is cutting edge dramatic at times etc.  But that day with the purple lipstick and red blush for eyeshadow must have caught the ladies who lunch's eyes. 

I walked out of there with my back a little straighter, right up until the old lady backed out and almost run me over!! Yup, she finally saw me as I had to stop short and as she pulled away, she rolled down her window and apologized for almost making me road pizza. 

Ah the world balances itself once again, as my back drooped.

Next post will be work stories!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?


Friday, March 9, 2018

Periods and Contacts

Today I thought I'd just do what I do best, which is rambling.  Hence the title of my new blog.  Thought we'd talk about periods-yes those periods and whatever else comes to mind.  As I get closer to fifty ( one month 17 days and counting per my app), I realize I am most likely in peri-menopause or even straight up menopause.  I ain't gonna get too personal here! I am having the hot flashes but it seems I'm also having my normal PMS symptoms where I'm a scatter brained dumb a**.  I am clutzy, dropping all sorts of things (God forbid it be my new iphone X!).  Guess I thought that the PMS stuff would go away?

Anyone else out there with any thoughts on this subject?

I've also decided to try wearing contacts for the first time in my life.  The main reason being that I read for an hour or two before going to sleep and I'm at the point where I can't see to read and I lay on my side and refuse to wear my glasses and find a new position to read in.  I've done it this way my whole life, even as a kid and just refuse.  So my left eye contact is a normal monthly one, but my right eye has a stigmatiz (my word) and I have to wear what's called Torics, which are more rigid. The trial pair I had ripped.  Now I have the six month supply that I've paid for right? So the right eye contact has been bugging the crap out of me. I decide that maybe I have it inside out. So I flipped it inside out. 

The entire day my contact was non existent.  I was so happy! I figured I had been stupid and wearing it wrong this whole time.  This morning I went to put in my contacts and the f*cker wouldn't unfold and I finally realized it had ripped in half! And I'd only had it less than one week! So obviously my wearing it inside out even though I thought it was correct messed up my contact that has cost me $27!  I was swearing big time this morning and if the whole book bed reading issue wasn't so important to me, I'd say screw it and just wear glasses. 

Does anyone else out there feel me on this?????

Two days ago, I was not feeling very well physically or mentally.  The Counting Crows song "Colorblind" came on while I was driving home and I just lost my sh*t and cried and cried while singing along.  Here's part of the lyrics for those who don't know the song:

"I am covered in skin.  No one gets to get in. Pull me out from inside.  I am ready."

I guess for me that day I was feeling super lonely as I've been alone now since 2009.  While 99% of the time, I prefer being alone, there's always times when I wish I had more friends and maybe a boyfriend (or two!)  What that prompted me to do was resign up for the damn online dating site that I've used for years. 

All of a sudden I'm a popular beeyotch until I realize they are all in their THIRTIES!!!! Why thirty year old boys want to hang with a fifty year old is beyond me.  All I said was 'don't ask me for money and we're good.'  One guy I thought might be cool so reminds me of a guy I dated in my twenties it's almost freaky in their resemblance.  Alas, he has stopped writing to me. 

Then there are the ones who write me saying they're overseas in the military but want my number. Um no.  They never reply after that.  Then my favorites are the guys who don't have photos on their profiles, and get mad when I ask for a photo if they want to talk to me.  WTF people???? You can see what I look like, but I'm not allowed to see you?  Oh hell no. 

I'm writing this at work.  Shhhhh don't tell.  Those who remember my coworker stories? I got some good ones coming.  For those who are new here? Stick around, you'll love them!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?


Monday, March 5, 2018

Let's Talk Taxes

It's that time of year in America where we have to do our taxes.  It's always a standing joke on my TV court shows that if someone promises to pay back a loan with their tax refund to run away very fast.  The TV ads start in January to come get a car with your refund or get cash back fast with just your W2.  It's a whole season just like Christmas. 

Our new president has decided to change the tax laws and it was pushed through so fast, that people really don't know what to expect.  I'm in the mood to chat about what I've researched and found out for me. 

I've always done my own taxes.  It's pretty easy when you use a program like H&R Block. You just enter the numbers and the program does the work for you.  Back in the day before computerized taxes, you had to do it on paper forms and it was way harder.  This year was made even easier.  The program was able to pull all the numbers for you with just your account number.  I was pleasantly surprised how much easier it was to do this year. 

I had told you on my other blog, that I joined the apps Qapital, Acorns and Stash to help me save money.  Acorns and Stash are actually apps that you buy stocks in companies you pick.  Let's just say my weed stock is in the toilet or is it funnier to say up in smoke??! LOL.  What I didn't know was, if you had stock in real estate, you would get a 1099 form in February, but you would get a corrected form mid March.  That means you either have to wait to send in your taxes, or do them but then have to submit a corrected one.  I always do my taxes in February, but not submit until closer to April as my homeowner's dues are due then and I want to make sure I have that tax money to pay my dues. 

The talk with the new tax laws is that the standard deduction would be that much higher so many people who normally itemize wouldn't need to making tax season a much less stressful time.  Plus it's easier for the government to know what's what if they don't have to check each little thing itemized to see if it's legit.  For me as a single, the deduction is $6800 or so.  My itemizations are higher than that, therefore I did itemize again this year.  Next year the new deduction will be $12, 400 or so which means next year I won't itemize as that new deduction is higher. 

Also for singles, we are now taxed at 25% of our pay, starting now, it's 22%.  So I have been getting roughly $50 back in my paycheck.  What I'm pondering is whether to have that extra money taken out again each paycheck to ensure I do get a refund again next year.  I'm used to not having it and I do struggle to save.  Although I will say I've saved with Acorns and Stash! I haven't done anything yet, am still trying to do my research.

I wonder what other countries do for their taxes.  Do you guys have to fill out forms every year?

The past two days have been windy as hell.  One thing I cannot stand in nature is wind.  It was so bad, I took down my wind chimes and there were trees down and power lost from it.  Luckily I didn't lose power.  I went outside to rake leaves and the wind was not on my side whatsoever.  After an hour and a half, I gave up and was so cold that I needed five blankets to sleep! Today I plan to rake some more as my tulips and daffodils are blooming so I want to get my yard cleaned up for mowing season.

Then I have to tackle my stone driveway again.  The weeds are taking it over as happens every Spring.  I literally wear knee pads and pick each and every weed out.  It's a two car width maybe thirty foot stone driveway so it's a lot to pick.  Then for the remainder of the season, I do maintenance by picking weeds every day I get the mail.  It's actually a chore I don't mind.  I put on my 80s headphones and dance along on my knee pads picking weeds. 

I'm sure passersby are like WTF, but I'm OK with that. 

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?


Saturday, March 3, 2018

The Ethics Game

Today I thought we'd play a little ethics game.  A sort of WWFD as it were.  That stands for what would Fingers do in case you didn't know.

I watch a lot of makeup videos on YouTube.  It's a newer obsession since the nail polish ban at work.  There are several gurus I follow and like.  Some of which have either started their own makeup line or the latest OMG going thru the beauty community is a guru making her own vitamins.  Someone who has never mentioned a passion for that, someone who wears hair extensions, fake nails and gets botox as a 36 year old.

The world is in an uproar as there was no information or list of ingredients given until the day before the actual launch.  The actual launch was yesterday and while the website did say to check with your doctor first before taking any supplement, the masses are upset as there weren't any warnings alongside some of the ingredients.

So my first question is: is it enough to say check with your doctor first?

Here are the other issues people are having.  That there are no clinical trials published showing these supplements work and that people who are asking valid questions like these are being blocked from the social media and their comments deleted.

That makes me wonder why someone would do that during the launch of their brand.  It certainly is making the world very two sided.  You're either with her or not.  Why not just answer the questions or just ignore the hate?

The website did have one small photo of a 23 year old's skin getting better after taking this supplement.  Really? This is another issue people are having with this brand.  A 23 year old certainly does not need a supplement as their skin is young and lively at that age.  I read a very nice article on a blog called Vintage Rouge Cafe that broke down each of the ingredients and what their purpose is.  Now according to that article, these supplements are good for menopausal women, which is not mentioned by the brand and the usage of a 23 year old's skin makes me think she is targeting her younger maybe more naive audience.

There was also international shipping available, if you're willing to pay for it that is.  At $30USD per bottle to ship overseas or even to Canada, most of them aren't willing to spend that much.  What gets me is if this is targeted to a younger audience who doesn't need this type of supplement, it is robbing them of money that could be used for something else.  But then again people are free to buy what they want and do what they want.

I saw people buying multiple bottles for something they don't even know will work based on the words of someone they watch via highly edited and photoshopped videos for an hour or so per week.  Is that enough to sway you to buy from them? Someone that has not released any clinical trial information but has said it is made to the highest standards in the USA.

Would you buy this? It is $40 for a 30 day supply.  With shipping it came to $47.90.  So if this works, you will be spending almost $50USD per month on a supplement touted to help lessen gray hair, improve fine lines, make your hair and nails stronger and longer.

I asked several times what the return policy is, but did not get a response.

I'm certainly rethinking my purchase....................................yes I caved as I am a menopausal woman who could use a good supplement.  Is it going to be worth the money?  That'll be for another post.

Would you buy this?  Talk to me!!!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

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