Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Collections and Politics

We all know that in America, their focus at the moment, is to fix the opioid epidemic.  I think this is needed, but I don't think they are going about it the right way.  For example, I have a chronic illness, that requires pain medicine.  I have always used the same doctor and the same pharmacy for as long as I've lived in Virginia.  I don't doctor shop looking for drugs, I follow the rules. 

Then the government decided that for people to get their prescriptions for said pain medicine, twice a year, you must pee in a cup to prove you are actually taking the medicine and that there is nothing else in your system that shouldn't be there.  Now I have no problem doing this in theory as I have nothing to hide.  However, it's that I have to do this, when I have done nothing wrong.  I can see if you had doctor shopped or something, but I was mad that I had to do this. 

On top of having to pee in a cup, I then get a bill for it! Granted, it's only $38 USD as my insurance covered most of it, but come on! I shouldn't have had to do this in the first place.

So I refuse to pay it. 

While on vacation, I started getting calls from this same phone number.  Turns out, they are sending me to collections over this $38.  Really????? So to mess with them, I blocked their number and added them to my Robokiller app.  What this app does is play different recordings of your choosing to the computer/person on the other end of the line.  It cracks me up.  Mine is set to an old man who can't hear saying Hello? Over and over again.  They keep asking for me, but get nowhere. 

I laugh each and every time I listen to the recording of it. 

Yet they still call. 

Once a day, every day.

I am very patient.

Now, work stuff.  The coworker I actually liked for once, last day was Friday.  She and I talked about makeup and it was cool to finally have someone to talk to.  She lasted a  year.  Her cancer coworker lasted six months.  The doctors they worked for are very hard to please and get along with.  I know as I used to work with them until they fired me! LOL.

The new interim person thinks she's going to whip these dudes into shape by refusing to do things the way they expect and just saying no.  I want to start a pool betting on how long she lasts.  She's not an employee, but rather from the staffing pool so therefore, can be let go on any given day.  She did not bother to try to learn what the job entailed from my friend who left.  Choosing instead to go off away from the desk and do I have no idea what. 

She doesn't work on Fridays so she didn't have that last day to actually learn what she needs to do. I cannot wait to see what happens this week as she is in it with absolutely no idea what to do.  I am giggling big time inside.  They have been interviewing to fill the position permanently and I do know the doctors will not let this temp get the actual job, but stupid thing is, she wouldn't let the interviewee talk to the one person actually doing the job!

I'm scared that they are going to expect me to do the work as I've done it before and I don't see this chick lasting more than a few days. 

I'll keep you posted.

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?


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