Monday, March 12, 2018

MAC'd at Nordstrom

Since I can't have my nail polish, I have turned to makeup.  Although, I am still buying nail polish here and there.  Someday, I'll be able to wear it again!

I'd been watching YouTube makeup tutorials and got interested in trying MAC foundation.  I have a few of their blush and eyeshadows, but never their foundations.  I had gone to Nordstrom after hair dye day and had the lady there sort of match to my RCMA foundation that I had brought with me. Reason being, I have been to the beach and still have color from that.  I'm too lazy and cheap to have summer and winter shades of foundation. 

I wanted Studio Fix foundation as it's matte full coverage.  The shade we ended up with was NW18.  I got it home and compared it to my Estee Lauder Double Wear and realized it was too dark and too yellow, even though it's a pink undertone.  So I had to go back to the store a couple days later.

Now we all know Nordstrom is a schwanky store where the ladies who lunch shop right? So here I come with my short bright red wine hair and purple lipstick to match my purple shirt and skirt.  The MAC lady that day refused to match to my RCMA stuff and proceeded to match me to my face and neck.  Let me back up.  The very first lady to approach me was trying to tell me that pink undertones, you needed an NC. 

Uh oh, I got a newbie here!

I looked at another MAC person and asked isn't MAC backwards in their color coding with NW being pink? She said yes and that it was the other one's first day there. Now I get the learning curve, but do you really know so little about MAC that you didn't at least know that much? How did she get the job???? You would think someone who wants to work at MAC would have done at least some research. 

Anywho, I digress.

We are back to refusing to match what I brought.  So it seems that in Studio Fix, it pulls yellow even in the NW range.  They then tried the Prolongwear and I ended up being the same NW18, but this time the undertone was way better. 

While they were sorting this out, I was sitting in the chair people watching, when another MAC chick came up to me asking if my lipstick was the shade Stone.  I told her no it was Dose of Colors Cold Shoulder (same brand as Stone).  She complimented my look, telling me that my entire outfit and makeup was just spot on.  I told her she had to try the DoC liquid lipstick as it's the best out there.

When I was getting ready to leave, I meandered around the makeup, got a sample of DIOR Forever foundation and overheard several people telling their friends how awesome I looked. I sh*t you not. I must have heard at least three people saying this not to me, but about me.  It totally made my day. I sometimes feel like my look is cutting edge dramatic at times etc.  But that day with the purple lipstick and red blush for eyeshadow must have caught the ladies who lunch's eyes. 

I walked out of there with my back a little straighter, right up until the old lady backed out and almost run me over!! Yup, she finally saw me as I had to stop short and as she pulled away, she rolled down her window and apologized for almost making me road pizza. 

Ah the world balances itself once again, as my back drooped.

Next post will be work stories!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?


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