Friday, March 9, 2018

Periods and Contacts

Today I thought I'd just do what I do best, which is rambling.  Hence the title of my new blog.  Thought we'd talk about periods-yes those periods and whatever else comes to mind.  As I get closer to fifty ( one month 17 days and counting per my app), I realize I am most likely in peri-menopause or even straight up menopause.  I ain't gonna get too personal here! I am having the hot flashes but it seems I'm also having my normal PMS symptoms where I'm a scatter brained dumb a**.  I am clutzy, dropping all sorts of things (God forbid it be my new iphone X!).  Guess I thought that the PMS stuff would go away?

Anyone else out there with any thoughts on this subject?

I've also decided to try wearing contacts for the first time in my life.  The main reason being that I read for an hour or two before going to sleep and I'm at the point where I can't see to read and I lay on my side and refuse to wear my glasses and find a new position to read in.  I've done it this way my whole life, even as a kid and just refuse.  So my left eye contact is a normal monthly one, but my right eye has a stigmatiz (my word) and I have to wear what's called Torics, which are more rigid. The trial pair I had ripped.  Now I have the six month supply that I've paid for right? So the right eye contact has been bugging the crap out of me. I decide that maybe I have it inside out. So I flipped it inside out. 

The entire day my contact was non existent.  I was so happy! I figured I had been stupid and wearing it wrong this whole time.  This morning I went to put in my contacts and the f*cker wouldn't unfold and I finally realized it had ripped in half! And I'd only had it less than one week! So obviously my wearing it inside out even though I thought it was correct messed up my contact that has cost me $27!  I was swearing big time this morning and if the whole book bed reading issue wasn't so important to me, I'd say screw it and just wear glasses. 

Does anyone else out there feel me on this?????

Two days ago, I was not feeling very well physically or mentally.  The Counting Crows song "Colorblind" came on while I was driving home and I just lost my sh*t and cried and cried while singing along.  Here's part of the lyrics for those who don't know the song:

"I am covered in skin.  No one gets to get in. Pull me out from inside.  I am ready."

I guess for me that day I was feeling super lonely as I've been alone now since 2009.  While 99% of the time, I prefer being alone, there's always times when I wish I had more friends and maybe a boyfriend (or two!)  What that prompted me to do was resign up for the damn online dating site that I've used for years. 

All of a sudden I'm a popular beeyotch until I realize they are all in their THIRTIES!!!! Why thirty year old boys want to hang with a fifty year old is beyond me.  All I said was 'don't ask me for money and we're good.'  One guy I thought might be cool so reminds me of a guy I dated in my twenties it's almost freaky in their resemblance.  Alas, he has stopped writing to me. 

Then there are the ones who write me saying they're overseas in the military but want my number. Um no.  They never reply after that.  Then my favorites are the guys who don't have photos on their profiles, and get mad when I ask for a photo if they want to talk to me.  WTF people???? You can see what I look like, but I'm not allowed to see you?  Oh hell no. 

I'm writing this at work.  Shhhhh don't tell.  Those who remember my coworker stories? I got some good ones coming.  For those who are new here? Stick around, you'll love them!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?

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